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 Jack Lively -Completed-

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PostSubject: Jack Lively -Completed-   Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:06 pm

Name: Jack Lively
Alias: Darknight
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Status: Hero
Occupation: Mcdonalds employee
Affiliation: N/A (Future ties with the CIA)
Location: New York City
Jack is a very simple man. As such, he doesn't usually watch the news, or keep up to date with anything going on around him in the world. He likes to stick to a less complicated life purposely. He believes that he was meant to be a failure in life, although he is unaware of his true power, he is aware that he has some abilities because he has obtained some unintentionally over the years. He can be very sympathetic to others, even though he lives a less than desirable life himself.

Most people would describe him as a loner, considering he spends his days alone, except for work, which he only speaks to people when obligated to. He is an ideal worker because he does well with authority figures and he knows when to listen and take orders. His problem, is that he is simply afraid to connect to anyone on an emotional level due to his tragic past.

He has turned his back on his power completely, in fact, he even has considered the possibility that he is simply crazy, and that he really doesn't have any kind of special power, although the mere fact that he thinks about that tells him that he isn't.

He is very anti-controntational. He tries to avoid it whenever possible. That said, he has a deep desire that he is unaware of. A desire for power and control, a desire that has yet to surface but will in the future. He has the potential to lose himself if he isn't careful, but, luckily for him he has strayed from that lifestyle out of sheer depression without even realizing how close he was from total mental meltdown.

This darkside that resides in him does not seek power just because he wants it, but rather for revenge. Deep down, he wishes to exact revenge upon the man that murdered his wife and daughter. However, when it comes down to it, Jack is a very sensitive and compassionate man. He is strong enough to put vengeance aside.


Bad food



Primary Power: Jack's ability is to mimic the powers of others, acquiring powers simply by being near someone. This gives him the potential to be extremely powerful, as he can permanently use any ability he comes into contact with. He must be within a 20 ft. radius to acquire an ability from someone. This does not take an ability from someone, only replicates it.

Absorbed Powers:
Jack possesses the power of self-propelled flight. He also demonstrates a great deal of control over this power. Jack can reach speeds exceeding the sound barrier with no apparent adverse effects to him or his hair and clothes.

He also possesses the ability of flame manipulation. He is able emit large amounts of fire from his hands. He has slightly less control over this ability, as whenever he tries to use it, he'll typically end up causing more damage than needed.

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Lively -Completed-   Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:11 pm

Jack was born into a decently wealthy family in London, England. His father, Jack Lively Senior, a lawyer, while his mother was a housewife. He grew up in a big house with two siblings. One older brother and one younger sister. His older brother was Bryan, who he was very close to. His younger sister was Rachel, who he wasn't so close to because of a jealousy that would begin to grow more and more over the years growing up.

His sister was born with a special ability, and discovered it at a early age. All of the family members that knew were sworn to secrecy, in fear of what might happen if someone were to find out about her powers. She had the ability to control and manipulate fire, not only from her body, but any fire that happened to be around her. This was the jealousy Jack had to face, because he felt that with his sister being special, she was always given special treatment from his father.

Jack did well in school, he was always the brightest child in the family, and the most sensitive. He resented the fact that he was never good enough to earn his father's respect. He wanted to be special like his sister so badly, and that desire for power would only become bigger after it was revealed that even his brother, Bryan, had a special ability. The ability of flight.

By the time Jack was 14, he was getting near perfect grades. That's when he first earned the respect of his father, as he told him that he wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. Jack told his father that he wanted to be special, like Bryan and Rachel, and his father told him that he simply wasn't that kind of special.

This devistated Jack, because he knew that his father was proud of how he was doing in school, but he wanted to be more than that. He was an ordinary child of an extraordinary family. He lived this way for a while, going to school day after day, getting good grades.. yet realizing that if they were more people in the world like his brother and sister, his existance was insignificant.

When he was 16, something different happened. Something that he definitely didn't expect. He gained the ability to fly, but not only that, the ability to manipulate fire as well. He had the power of both of his siblings, and it was marvelous.

It made him very happy, but unfortunately, it did not make his father respect him more. Jack began to believe that it was his job to protect the world, that the people needed to be saved. That if he had those powers, he could use them for good somehow. His father was strictly against this, saying that if the rest of the world were to find out about him, they would not only capture him and conduct experiments, but possibly his siblings too.

Jack didn't listen, and he was told that if he left to go chasing his dream of being a savior, that he would no longer be welcome among his own family. He knew that either way, his leaving would be for the greater good, so he took off for America, a place where he felt he could find answers.

The problem was, he relied on his flight to get him to America. He was only 16 and he knew nothing about his powers, he didn't know where to go. The only idea he could come up with, would be to fight crime where he could find it. After being in America for a few months, basically living like a homeless man, he realized that he would need to figure out a better approach if he would be successful.

He went to the most dangerous place he knew of in America. Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. This was definitely a place that needed him. He lived here for 2 years, fighting crime whenever he saw it. He was given the nickname "Darknight", which origined from his ability to sneak up on his targets and take them out quickly. He was feared, and no one even knew that he was still so young.

On a nightly patrol, he witnessed as a woman was being thrown around in a robbery. This was something he couldn't stand for. He shot fire at the man and saved the woman. The woman's name was Ellie, and she was the same age as Jack. He took her out to explain to her the reason he was able to shoot out fire from his hand out of no where, and they quickly fell in love.

Not too long after this, they got married and had a child. They named her Claire, after Ellie's mother. Jack still fought crime, but only at night so that he could spend time with his child. The problem was, and Jack was unaware of this, another person with a powerful ability had found out about Jack being Darknight and was planning to pay him a visit. The next thing Jack knew, he was tied up in a strange room.

He was injected with something that made his powers go away and was told that his family was gone, dead, and if he didn't want to join them he would need to stop playing the hero and go on with a normal life. It was made very clear to him that they would do anything they could to make sure that Jack didn't use his abilities.

After that, Jack awoke in his home. It appeared they were telling the truth, as his family was completely gone. After that, Jack gave up. He stopped being a hero and got a normal job the only place he could, Mcdonalds. They wanted him to live normally, they would get it. What they didn't expect, was Jack now had a hunger for revenge growing inside him. He was able to control it, but there was really no telling for how long...

RP Sample:
Jack awoke. His vision was extremely blury, he couldn't see anything in front of him. He wanted to scream but something prevented him to, he could feel the fabric of something in his mouth, although he didn't know what exactly. His hands were bound behind him and the metal chair he sat on. It appeared that he had been abducted but by who? He tried as hard as he could to break free but it was no use. His vision returned to him. He shifted his eyes quickly, taking a glance at everything in the room. He had to make sure that it was safe to use his ability. If something in there was flammable, he'd get burnt to a crisp even trying it. There was a large steel green door in front of him, a fluorescent light above him, and the same color green as the door on the walls all around him.

He had to take a chance, it was either try, or probably be killed by whoever did this. Not to mention he was taken at home, he needed to make sure that his family was okay. He was scared, but also able to overcome it so he could think. He footsteps coming from outside the room and immediately stopped struggling. As the door began to open his eyes widened. A man entered. His stare, even though covered by a mask, was as much frightful as it was sensational.

He could feel a great deal of power in this man, which made him curious. Still, he needed to get out of there. He began to attempt to heat up his hands to free himself. He continued over and over with no avail. "Please stop," The man said. His tone sounded almost demonic at first. "Your abilities have been temporarily neutralized, escape attempts are only going to get you hurt." He continued and then tilted his head down at a folder he held. "Jack, Jack, Jack." He said, his eyes still glaring downward. "Or should I say, Darknight?" He asked rhetorically. "You've been busy since you left England, unfortunately, your attempts to restore order in this city instantaneously gave you a long list of powerful enemies. Still, there is good news, this time, they've only decided to take the lives of your wife and daughter, rather than killing all of you." He said and then began to walk closer to Jack. He reached over and pulled the gag out of Jack's mouth. It was a sock. Jack spit to the side for a moment and then looked to the man with eyes of hatred. "What have you done with them?!" He yelled out with ferocious anger.

"They were the demanded sacrifice," The man said, smirking behind the mask. "You came to America looking for answers, you thought you were ready for the real world and all it held well let me tell you something, it doesn't matter what side you pick." He said and paused for a moment. "It isn't like the comics, there is no good vs. evil. No matter what the circumstance, actions have consequences. You face the consequences for trying to change something you don't understand, just as I will face the consequences one day for killing your family. That is an absolute truth of the universe." He said. Jack began to cry, and then scream with rage. "I'll kill you!" He screamed out. It felt as if he'd been stabbed right through his heart.

"No, what you'll do is stop this hero nonsense. You will live a normal life. Don't care where you go, don't care what you do, but you will stop." He said, his own tone showed he was a little more angry than before himself. "What makes you think I'll do that?" He said, he calmed himself a bit, but he was panting with anxiety. "Don't think we haven't checked up on you, we know about your family in London. It would be a shame if we had to pay them a little visit too, no?" He said and began to chuckle.

"You... bastard." Jack spoke, frantically.
"Now, now." The man said. Jack looked around for any information that was relevant to finding out who the man was, but there was nothing. A bright light hit his eyes, it was almost blinding. From what Jack could see, it was lightning, though he couldn't be sure. It appeared to have been emitting from the man's body. It began to grow more and more in size, until Jack got a flash of pure white, and then darkness washed over him. When he woke up, he was back in his home, in his bed. "It must've been a dream.." Jack quietly whispered to himself. "An.. omen?" He continued, but shrugged it off as he sat up slowly, stretching. He began walked out of his bedroom and looked around, but there was no one. It was odd, considering it was a Saturday, so everyone should have been home. He walked down the stairs, to find a shocking surprise. There was a single black rose left on the ground, on top of a small pile of blood. There was a note attached to the rose, Jack walked over slowly to pick it up. He had heard of some villain that left a black rose at the place of his victim's abduction. The note read as the following:

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Lively -Completed-   Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Lively -Completed-   

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Jack Lively -Completed-

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