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This quest. This need to solve life's mysteries. In the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They're here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere. Do they even know yet?
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     Jason Weller.

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    PostSubject: Jason Weller.   Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:25 pm

    Name: Jason Weller.
    Alias: -
    Age: 16.
    Gender: Male.
    Status: Hero.
    Occupation: Student.
    Affiliation: Nada.
    Location: NY City.
    Personality: Jason carries a mask - a facade of happiness - which covers his sadness. He lives alone in an apartment, funded entirely by the people of the community and those who were loyal to the Baku's layer of society and has no financial worries what-so-ever. So he should be happy, right? Well, that's what he portrays to people. And they flock towards him because he seems to be always happy and kind and caring. In truth, he's never really happy, in fact, he hates himself, and is sickened by himself. In truth, he's depressed and knows it. That's the scary part: he knows that there are things wrong with him, but he feels helpless against them. That's why he's mostly anti-social and open to only a close-knit group of friends.


    Social Situations
    Hurting People


    The most distinct part of his appearance is his red hair and deep cerulean eyes - a very distinct mismatch of colors. Taking his mother's hair and his father's eyes, he became someone who drew attention in a crowd. Jason is thin, and has a little - but not much - muscle. He's not too tall, but he's more than average, making him someone who's always in the middle. His skin is soft, but strong, and has a certain warmth to it. Usually, he wears loose jeans and light button down shirts. Sometimes, he likes to wear black hoodies, though he has been seen wearing white ones - only once. Most of the time, when wearing button down shirts, he rolls up the sleeves.

    Primary Power:
    Obviously, Telepathy in general is a very broad topic of. A natural genius, Jason is a master of the art. He's able to read minds and project his own thoughts into the minds of others within a radius of 250 miles. Of course, with that, he has full power over his mind, and extensive influential power over other's - enough to create illusions and mask his presence and his allies. Then there falls under the category of control - specifically, the ability to possess the mind of another, and use that being's body as his own and alter a person's memory to the point where false memories can be put in, or the memory in general can be erased; it can also be used to process information, and store information in others. However, not all telepathy is passive, as one can erect shields and project enormous blasts, which have no effect physically, but can be very dangerous to the mind.



    RP Sample:
    Low Quality.

    Medium Quality.

    High Quality.

    Really High Quality.
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    Jason Weller.

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